Alex Koers maakte mij attent op een nieuwe feature op de Popcornhour. Ik heb onderstaand artikel overgenomen en vertaald.
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Met recente firmware (vanaf 2009) is het mogelijk om een foto, video of audio bestand automatisch af te spelen als de NMT wordt opgestart.

A100/ A110/ HDX1000 met een (interne) harddisk of een usb stick.

Eenvoudige en geavanceerde setup:
Er zijn twee mogelijkheden om "Automatisch afspelen" in te stellen:
Eenvoudige setup: Maak een map: ‘autoplay’ en een map: ‘autoplay_bg’ in de root map van je harde schijf of usb stick. In de autoplay map zet je de foto's, muziek en video's. In de autoplay_bg map kun je foto's zetten, zodat ze op de achtergrond afspelen met muziek erbij. Na een reboot van de NMT zal de autoplay map afgespeeld worden.
Geavanceerde setup: Het is ook mogelijk om twee bestanden te maken: autoplay.txt en autoplay_bg.txt in de root map van de harde schijf of USB stick. Je hoeft dan geen media bestanden te kopiëren, in de bestanden geef je aan waar de media bestanden staan. Er zijn dan ook extra mogelijkheden om het afspelen in te stellen.

Voorbeeld van een autoplay.txt bestand:


Voorbeeld van een autoplay_bg.txt bestand:


Harde  schijf mappen en bestanden:

/ <------ root directory
+- Music/ <------ music directory
+- Photo/ <------ photo directory
+- Video/ <------ video directory
+- autoplay.txt <------ autoplay file
+- autoplay_bg.txt <------ autoplay_bg file

Technische handleiding:
Hierbij de handleiding met alle mogelijkheden. Deze handleiding is niet vertaald:

02-04-2009 - initial draft
15-04-2009 - added tag

Table of Content
0. Definition
1. General rules
2. Basic usage
3. Advance usage

0. Definition
- file named as "autoplay.txt" or "AUTOPLAY.TXT" (case sensitive)
- file named as "autoplay_bg.txt" or "AUTOPLAY_BG.TXT" (case sensitive)
- folder named as "autoplay" or "AUTOPLAY" (case sensitve)
- folder named as "autoplay_bg" or "AUTOPLAY_BG" (case sensitive)
- USB drives or SATA/IDE harddisks attached to system
- video or audio or image
0.7. $TAG$
- optional special tag written inside $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$, which begins with '<' and ends with '>'
- $TAG$s are case insensitive
- following $TAG$s can be used:
0.7.1. <priority=n>
- change the priority of $AUTOPLAY_FILE$, ignore for $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$, 1<=n<=100
0.7.2. <video>
- create video playlist from $AUTOPLAY_FILE$, ignore for $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$
- ignore if $MEDIA_TYPE$ already determined
0.7.3. <audio>
- create audio playlist from $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$
- ignore if $MEDIA_TYPE$ already determined
0.7.4. <image>
- create image playlist from $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$
- ignore if $MEDIA_TYPE$ already determined
0.7.5. <sync>
- sync audio and image playlist, can exist in $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ only, ignore for $AUTOPLAY_FILE$
0.7.6. <interval=n>
- interval between 2 images in second, 4<=n<=600
- useful only if $MEDIA_TYPE$ is image type
0.7.7. <subdirectory=n>
- determine to read the sub-directories or not, 0<=n<=1
0.7.8. <shuffle>
- shuffle the playlist if exist

1. General rules
1.1. $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ has higher priority than $AUTOPLAY_FOLDER$
1.2. $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ can contain priority $TAG$ to modify its priority
1.3. The default priority of $MEDIA_SOURCE$ is listed below:
1.4. System files or folders matching:
- file autoplay_bg.txt is matched to file autoplay.txt
- file AUTOPLAY_BG.TXT is matched to file AUTOPLAY.TXT
- folder autoplay_bg is matched to folder autoplay
- folder AUTOPLAY_BG is matched to folder AUTOPLAY
1.5. Every line in $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ cannot be longer than 255 characters
1.6. $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ has to be in ANSI or UTF-8 encoding
1.7. Any line in $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ must not contain the character '|'

2. Basic usage
2.2. Put media files to be played after bootup in $AUTOPLAY_FOLDER$
2.3. Files are sorted alphabetically with sub-directories at the end of the list
2.4. The first media file determines the $MEDIA_TYPE$ of the playlist
2.5. If $AUTOPLAY_FOLDER$ has $MEDIA_TYPE$ of audio or image, files in $AUTOPLAY_BG_FOLDER$ will be played at background
2.5.1. If $AUTOPLAY_FOLDER$ has $MEDIA_TYPE$ of audio, $AUTOPLAY_BG_FOLDER$ will search for image files only
2.5.2. If $AUTOPLAY_FOLDER$ has $MEDIA_TYPE$ of image, $AUTOPLAY_BG_FOLDER$ will search for audio files only

3. Advance usage
3.1. $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ can be used to control the playback behavior by using $TAG$s
3.1.1. Use <priority=n> to modify the file's priority, the smaller the n, the higher the priority
- this tag can appear at any location of the file, but it is best to put this tag as the first line
3.1.2. Use <video> or <audio> or <image> to determine the $MEDIA_TYPE$ of the $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ or $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$
- these tags are best to be put before any media files or folders
3.1.3. Use <sync> in $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ to sync the audio and image playback
- this tag is useful only if $AUTOPLAY_FILE$ has $MEDIA_TYPE$ of audio and $AUTOPLAY_BG_FILE$ has $MEDIA_TYPE$ of image
- this tag can appear at any location of the file
3.1.4. Use <interval=n> to specify the display duration of the following image files
- this tag can appear at any location of the file
3.1.5. Use <subdirectory=n> to determine to read sub-directories or not
- this tag can appear at any location of the file
3.1.6. Use <shuffle> to shuffel the playlist
- this tag can appear at any location of the file
3.2. Any lines other than $TAG$s are treated as a file or folder entry
3.2.1. An entry which ends with '/' or '\' is treated as a folder
3.2.2. A file entry which starts with '/' or contains "://" will use the entry as absolute path, else relative path is used
3.2.3. A single character '/' which refers to root folder is not a valid entry


I would like to have the autoplay feature also when coming out of standby

I have to test it again but it looks like all photos are displayed in landscape (lying down) while the same pictures show in portrait (standing up) using the normal photo browser.